A Few Words About Us

Our mission is to utilize our visionary skills to improve our client's enterprise. RBA and its clients are the visionaries of the future in regards to the built environment. Together, we will dictate the future environment we live and work in.
Our vision is to create a built environment that is carefully crafted and meaningful not only to our clients but to the public around us. We examine each project carefully in regards to its purpose and determine the proper route to take to be successful. We feel it is important that each of our clients becomes educated about not only their own project but also the built environment around them. As this education process occurs to each person, they then become the teachers to the next generation. We can affect our entire society, by just working with one person at a time and instilling in them the appreciation of design excellence.

The Principals and staff at RBA have a passion and expertise in the field of Architectural Design. We succeed on projects by listening intently to our clients, consultants, builders and suppliers, and providing to our clients the confidence that we are the team to design their project. We instill this confidence by explaining our design process, communicating meticulously, providing our designs in a timely manner, providing aids in visualizing your project, providing accurate construction documents and being watchful during construction. If we complete our role on each project, success is inevitable.



  • Mr. George Powell

    RDA has always met or exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend RDA to anyone needing architectural services.


  • Mr. Vincent Bataoel

    I have worked with Tom on multiple design build projects for the federal government. He is always clear, to the point, and on top of the job.